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  • More Good News! Naughty Maggie receives honorable mention in contest

    Pleased to see “Naughty Maggie” earned an honorable mention in this year’s Easy Reader Writing Contest. The contest usually receives entries with a geographical focus on the South Bay, a region of Los Angeles that includes the southern shore of the Santa Monica Bay. The South Bay boasts several sun-kissed beach cities including El Segundo, […]

  • Patterns wins honorable mention in Exposition Review (formerly Southern California Review)

    I’m pleased to announce my new flash piece “Patterns” won an honorable mention in Exposition Review’s inaugural Flash 405 Contest, and they’ve published it on their website.  My heartfelt thanks to Abigail Mitchell and all the staff at SCR for the long hours they put in reading all the entries. I’m honored to have my […]

  • Vote for my entry in Writer’s Digest Your Story Contest

    I’m pleased to announce my entry “Montauk Ranch” is a finalist in the latest Writer’s Digest Your Story Contest. The contest is looking for the best opening sentence to a story based on this photo. Please help me out by voting for my entry, either by clicking here and leaving a comment, or emailing “Entry […]

  • October Updates

    So I finally joined Pinterest.  You can check out all my amazing pins here: Hard at work on some new projects with deadlines.  Trimming stories to get under word count feels like tossing Titanic passengers out of a lifeboat. My lovelies! I hate watching you sink. I typed you into life and then I […]

  • Roxane Gay RE: Bill Cosby and Jon Krakauer

    Insightful post by Roxane Gay regarding the Bill Cosby train wreck and the journey she took, from adoration to abhorrence.  It’s certainly an end to an innocence for us all, the lovable Cosby world, his ugly sweater takes on new meaning, once the garb of a doting father, now the sackcloth of a rapist.