Montauk Ranch and other updates

Writers DigestThe other day I received two copies of Writer’s Digest March/April 2016 issue and find my contest contribution to Your Story printed in there.  So great to finally see my little entry about Montauk Ranch in print.  Thanks to Writer’s Digest for running these monthly contests, as it’s a great way for an emerging writer to get some exposure.

Here is a round up of current activity:

I joined GoodReads. Seems interesting but not sure I’ll have much time for writing review on here. Time is so precious these days, best spent writing. Anyway here is my profile:

I joined  I’m not sure why, but you can find my profile here:

I recently started using Flickr again, which i guess used to be Yahoo pictures. Found some old pictures from my European Backpacker trip back in 2001. I had uploaded these in Europe i believe, from an internet cafe at 10p per minute. How did I do that?  I also finally scanned those disposable camera pictures i took at the Pink Parade in Berlin in 2001 and I have uploaded those as well.  What a crazy day that was.  Parades, DJs, and Bratwursts.

You can view my pictures here:

Also I recently paid a visit to visit to Manhattan Fine Wines and bought some bottles for Valentines Day.  I haven’t been inside the store since my wine tasting class days back in 1999, this is the place my wine tasting teacher told us to buy wines and he used to call it “Nick’s” after the owner at the time.  Since it’s my namesake, I should have gone there more often.  But this is the inspiration for my short story “Tasting Class” which won the grand prize last summer in the Easy Reader Writing Contest.  I still don’t know much about wine, but its fun to poke around and read the labels and wonder if you have enough cash to buy one bottle.

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